Music internet radio

For everyone who likes music, there’s a great service on the net called It works like this: you send the titles of the songs you listen to to the site using a player plugin, and then uses that information to generate statistics and determine which people have similar interests. Based on that information, you can then listen to personalised internet radio (which works really well!).

To be able to listen to radio, you first need to download the Player, or visit my profile page which has a flash player.

Listen to Grauw’s profile radio.
My profile radio consists of songs from my neighbours, people with similar musical interests. The profile radio is a great way to hear music in genres you like and discover new music. Or, in this case, listen to music I generally like :).

Listen to Grauw’s personal radio.
My personal radio consists of songs from my own playlist (or actually from the artists, I think). It’s nice, but the use is not unlimited. With a regular account you can listen to a personal radio for 24 hours. However, if you have donated, or listen to the personal radio of someone who has, there is no limit. As I happen to have donated a couple of euros at the time of writing, for the time being that is the case for this one as well.

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